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Rakuten Inc (楽天株式会社)

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Algorithmia Inc Algorithmia operates an algorithm marketplace and offers PaaS solutions to enterprises. N/A
Carousell One of Southeast Asia's leading C2C mobile classifieds and e-commerce companies. N/A
Coda Payments Pte Ltd (CodaPay) An alternative payments platform in Southeast Asia. Series A
Epic! Creations Inc (Epic!) Epic! provides an unlimited selection of eBooks for children that can be instantly discovered, read and shared with friends. N/A
Estmob Inc (Send Anywhere) One of the fastest P2P file transfer solutions to send files of unlimited size anywhere in the world. N/A
Go-Jek Indonesian hyperlocal transport, logistics and payments startup. N/A
OneSignal Inc Multi-platform push notifcation service. N/A
Picatcha Inc (AdsNative), (Polymorph) Polymorph (previously AdsNative) helps modern publishers monetize their advertising inventory. N/A
PocketMath Inc Demand side platform (DSP) helping advertisers reach users on mobile devices. N/A
Run Dexter Inc (Dexter) Bot building platform. Seed led the round
ViSenze N/A
Bitnet Bitcoin wallet startup. Series A Exited

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