Microsoft Corp
One Microsoft Way
Redmond, WA 98052
United States

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KANDO id: 33063

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Microsoft Corporation
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US CIK 0000789019

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United States

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Software company focused on computing through its various product divisions.

Funding rounds

IPO USD 61,000,000

USD 61,000,000 ( )

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Profile Country Date Funding
3DV Systems Ltd Provider of imaging technology to capture the three dimensions of objects, enabling users to control personal space through intuitive body gestures Acquisition USD 35,000,000 (USD 35,000,000)
Academic Systems Corp Internet/ Multimedia educational software for community colleges and universities. N/A
Accel Partners & Co Inc Early and growth stage venture capital firm. N/A
Acompli Inc Acquisition led the round USD 200,000,000
Activision Blizzard Acquisition Initial investment led the round USD 68,700,000,000 (USD 68,700,000,000)
Adallom Inc A cloud security platform. Acquisition
Adchemy Inc N/A
AdECN Inc Acquisition
Akamai Technologies Inc Cloud-based services for optimizing web and mobile content and applications, online HD video, and secure commerce. N/A
Apple Inc Designer and manufacturer of consumer electronics, computer software, and personal computers. N/A Initial investment USD 150,000,000 (USD 150,000,000)
aQuantive Inc Acquisition USD 6,200,000,000 (USD 6,200,000,000)
AT&T Inc N/A USD 5,000,000,000 (USD 5,000,000,000)
Audible Inc Digital Audiobooks N/A
Blackboard Inc Blackboard is a pioneering global educational software company. N/A
BlueTalon Inc Provider of data access control solutions for Hadoop, SQL, and big data environments. Acquisition led the round
Calista Technologies Inc Software company that provides desktop virtualization solutions. Acquisition
Canesta Inc Provider of electronic perception technology in the United States. Acquisition
CareerBuilder Inc Next generation human resource recruiting solutions including human resource workflow software and a career search website. N/A USD 17,800,000 (USD 17,800,000)
CompareNet Inc Acquisition
Corio Inc Leading enterprise application management company. N/A
Danger Inc Provider of software and services for mobile handsets Acquisition USD 500,000,000 (USD 500,000,000)
Databricks Inc Unified data platform for analytics and AI. Series G Follow-on investment
DATAllegro Inc Acquisition
Trade sale
Profile Country Date Funding
AppNexus Inc Series C Initial investment Exited Trade sale