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(Libra Networks GmbH), (Libra Networks LLC)
Provider of financial and technology services and developer of related hardware and software.

Provider of significant content designed to educate the consumer and demystify the mortgage process.

Mobile and online accounts payable automation software for finance professionals at growing organizations.

Free online personal finance company.

Fintech startup that offers a mobile, electronic wallet and payment application for iOS and Android devices.

Digital wealth management company.

Mobile personal finance platform.

European financial technology company enabling individuals and their advisors to invest in top-tier private equity funds.

Ant Financial's private banking venture.

Berlin-based fintech company that enables its customers to manage their bank accounts through their smartphones.

Decentralised and transparent crypto banking platform for emerging markets.

Nutmeg lets you invest your money seamlessly online, all while aiming for the lowest fees in the industry.

Software platform which couples practical education with guided execution of projects such as fundraising, intellectual property, finance, etc.

Debit card with an app affording instant cash access, traditional banking service benefits, and also allowing consumers to dispose of goods for resale