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A new way to deposit, borrow and earn interest with crypto.

Cryptocurrency investigation and compliance solutions for global law enforcement agencies, regulators and businesses.

Bespoke blockchain service and solution provider.

Consumer finance company focused on transforming the world economy with secure, simple, and less costly technology for storing and using bitcoin.

Crowdfunding platform for consumer product companies

Real-time document editing and collaboration platform for teams working in highly regulated industries.

The UK's first new clearing bank in more than 250 years.

Cloud-based voice collaboration and analytics platform for financial firms and institutional traders.

Provider of alternative credit scoring for the unbanked.

Innovative French online payment and bank account.

Real-time data platform built around Apache Kafka, an open source technology acting as a real-time, fault tolerant, scalable messaging system.

Provider of easy-to-use SaaS accounting and invoicing solutions to small and medium businesses

Alternative banking and payments solutions group.

Financial platform for small businesses.

Property insurance by photo.

(Dreamplug Technologies Pvt Ltd)
Bill payment and rewards platform.

Investment crowdfunding platform.

Over-the-top banking platform, consolidating all your cards and accounts into one smart card and even smarter app.

Global firm building a secure, scalable and regulated institutional-grade platform for digital asset services, starting with custody.

Financial technology company helping people discover business opportunities.

Platform that enables fintechs to build out robust, scalable tech at the fraction of time and cost of bespoke approaches.

Technology and financial services company focused on optimizing credit markets.

Peer-to-peer lending platform.

(Digital Asset)
Provider of distributed ledger technology to regulated financial institutions.

(Divvy), (Divvy Pay Inc)
Secure financial platform for businesses to manage payments and subscriptions, build strategic budgets, and eliminate expense reports.

Cross-border payments company.

Payments cloud that powers mobile commerce and payment services across mobile decides and the IoT.

Financial technology company created to help women achieve their financial potential through modern, low-cost investing and financial planning.

Digital insurance brokerage company.

Empowering people to live a better and more fulfilling financial life.

Fintech payment as a service provider (PaaS) with a mission to make payments smarter and faster.

Developer of an ownership (cap table) management platform.

Financial technology platform helping individuals save money and build credit.

(Paidy), (ExCo)
Provider of purchase settlement technology for Japan.

Private M&A network connecting buyers and sellers of technology companies across the globe.

AI driven wealth manager that builds unique portfolios that adapt to you and the markets.

Provider of online expense management service to individuals, churches, non-profits, small businesses, and cor

Blockchain startup that "secures data via decentralization".